Specialty Gas Regulators

Specialty Gas Regulators

Welding Equipment Repair Service (WERS) understands the importance placed on a high-functioning, clean, and uncontaminated specialty gas regulator, which is why we offer the highest quality of repair services for all specialty gas regulators regardless of make, model, or material.

When we perform repairs and/or maintenance, we fully disassemble the regulator, clean and check all internal and external components for wear or corrosion, and reassemble the equipment with any necessary replacement parts. 

On the rare occasions when we are unable to assist with specialty equipment, we will contact one of our trusted third-party contractors to ensure swift and accurate completion. Once the repairs are finished, we subject the equipment to extensive testing in-house to verify the work, ensuring that there are no leaks and the regulator is in optimal operating condition. No matter what your needs are, WERS is here to help.

Specialty Gas Regulator Overview

Specialty gas regulators reduce and regulate the flow of gas from high pressure cylinders or process lines to a workable flow. Regulators consist of a loading or spring mechanism, a sensing element which is usually a diaphragm, and a main valve by which the pressurized gas is released. 

The loading mechanism allows the user to adjust the pressure by means of a knob on the exterior of the regulator. When the knob is adjusted, the loading mechanism interacts with the sensing element, which communicates the pressure to the main valve. The main valve then widens or narrows in order to release a specific amount of pressurized gas, thereby reducing the pressure to a usable level. On the exterior of the regulator are two gauges that reflect the inlet pressure coming from the source and the outlet pressure being delivered to the application.

Welding Equipment Repair Service (WERS) offers an extensive line of repair services for specialty gas regulators. Our trained staff can handle repairs on any make or model.

Uses and Applications

Specialty gas regulators are the safest way to adjust gas cylinder pressure to a useful level for a wide range of operations. They are specifically designed to contain the gas in a way that prevents contamination and diffusion of the gas. 

Specialty gas regulators can be found in a variety of applications, including:

  • Scientific laboratories
  • Laser cutting shops
  • Medical facilities
  • High-pressure operations

Due to the corrosive and reactive nature of some of the gases used in these applications, it is important that the regulators be composed of materials that resist corrosion or are inert when exposed to those particular chemicals. For this reason, specialty gas regulators are designed using a wide range of strong, corrosion-resistant materials, including stainless steel, brass, bronze, and Monel. 

Specialized Expertise with WERS

At Welding Equipment Repair Service, we are confident in our exceptional knowledge and experience and we are pleased to service specialty gas regulators, regardless of the type of gas or application. We know that proper repair and reconditioning of gas regulators is imperative to maintain a safe and efficient work environment. 

We also offer repairs on a much broader range of equipment. We are industry experts in the repair and reconditioning of all makes and models of:

  • Compressed gas equipment
  • Flow meters
  • Foundry equipment
  • Gas cutting apparatuses
  • MIG and TIG cables
  • Specialty gas regulators
  • Steel industry equipment
  • Welding equipment

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