Cutting Torches

Cutting TorchesStarting as a small repair shop in 1975, Welding Equipment Repair Service has since grown to be one of the largest welding equipment repair companies in the country. Our repair and reconditioning capabilities encompass a wide range of equipment, including cutting torches.

Cutting Torch Repair &
Reconditioning Capabilities

We offer a variety of repair and reconditioning services for cutting torches, including:

  • Valve repair
  • Seat replacement
  • Rubber part replacement
  • Head re-working
  • Leak testing (using water)
  • Workability testing (using fire)

Regardless of style or manufacturer, we use these capabilities to repair torches for our customers. Some of the popular brands we service include Harris, Victor, and ESAB.

Our process involves the full disassembly of the torch, proceeded by thorough cleaning of all external and internal components. Once cleaned, our experts reassemble the torch to proper working order. At this point, they can also add replacement parts as needed. These parts are sourced from the original manufacturers (when possible) and authorized third-party original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide customers with quality components at the best possible price.

Testing Capabilities

Every torch we repair undergoes rigorous in-house testing to ensure the utmost quality. The testing procedures we implement are:

  • Pressure testing (with regular and high-pressure air)
  • Water testing (to detect potential leaks in components)
  • Fire testing (to verify the flame successfully exits the cutter)

All of our technicians receive intensive training and certification from customer-trusted equipment manufacturers to guarantee project quality and success.

Partnering With Welding Equipment Repair Service

When a cutting torch breaks, the cost of acquiring a new one is astronomical compared to simply repairing the existing one. By opting to repair their current torch, customers can save approximately 25% on equipment investment costs.

At Welding Equipment Repair Service, we’re committed to offering the country’s top cutting torch repair services. By partnering with us for their welding equipment repair needs, customers benefit from our:

  • Quick turnaround times. We offer fast turnaround for most standard repairs and can even perform same-day repairs for customers that cannot afford significant downtime.
  • Broad shipping capabilities. For non-local companies (outside of the Midwest), we offer a variety of shipping options, including standard and LTL. Additionally, our relationship with UPS allows us to reduce the cost of shipping to customers.
  • Superior customer service. In addition to providing repair services, we offer sourcing assistance for new and replacement components. If your project exceeds our capabilities, we’ll help you source somebody who can get the job done.

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