Machine Repairs

Machine RepairsEstablished in 1975, Welding Equipment Repair Service (WERS) has over 40 years of experience repairing and reconditioning welding equipment.

From identifying connection issues to replacing faulty components to recalibrating and testing equipment, we offer a wide range of services for welding machines. If you need help with a poorly performing welding machine, the WERS team can get it back into working order in no time.

Welding Machine Repair Capabilities

Our expert technicians service welding machines in both gas-driven and electrical models from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Compared to conventional welding methods, these machines create higher quality welds with smoother edges and are much safer to handle and use. When it comes to machine repair services, we service any and all types of welding machines.

In particular, we specialize in repairing and maintaining Miller welding equipment, and we are a Miller authorized warranty repair center.

WERS offer complete repair & rebuilding for the following brands:

Arcair  |  Concoa  |  ESAB  |  Harris  |  Miller  |  Smith  |  Thermadyne  |  Tweco  |  Uniweld
Your Authorized Repair Center

For the Following Brands:

Our highly-qualified team offers several services, including:
  • Diagnosing issues such as connection problems, faulty components, or malfunctioning engines (without disassembling the machine)
  • Replacing machine components and equipment fluids
  • Calibrating machines and supplying certificates of calibration
  • Testing machines for functionality after repairs

Partnering With Welding Equipment Repair Service

At Welding Equipment Repair Service, we work hard to provide superior repair, maintenance, and calibration services for welding equipment. By partnering with us for their repair needs, customers benefit from our:

  • Over four decades of experience repairing and reconditioning welding equipment
  • Relationships with equipment manufacturers, such as Miller
  • Fast turnaround (parts are often shipped to our repair shop within two days)
  • Sourcing assistance services for replacement parts, full systems, and third-party companies who can suit unique repair needs

Need a repair?

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