Foundry Items

Foundry ItemsWelding Equipment Repair Service (WERS) is well-versed in the repair and maintenance of foundry equipment.

At WERS, we are capable of servicing any brand or style of cutting or foundry torch, including Harris, Victor, and ESAB brands. We also conduct in-house quality assurance testing to provide our clients with functional and durable foundry equipment.

Foundry Overview

Foundries specialize in the production of metal castings through the injection of liquid metal into molds, which then cool into the desired shape. 

Foundries produce equipment used across a wide range of industries and applications, from automotive, railroad, and piping components to individual parts for machines used in manufacturing. At least 90% of all manufactured goods require some form of metal casting, either for components in manufacturing equipment or production of a final product. 

Foundry Equipment

A foundry uses a wide variety of tools for casting, including trowels, riddles, rammers, vent wires, draw spikes, swabs, torches, and regulators. Foundry torches and regulators are particularly important to ensure that the foundry is functioning properly. WERS is pleased to provide superior repair and maintenance services for foundry torches and regulators, so foundry shop operators know that their equipment is working with the utmost accuracy and economy.  

Foundry Torch Repair

Foundry torches are heavy-duty, high-heat cutting torches made to shape the cast metal in steel mills and industrial equipment. They are manufactured to be exceptionally durable, as they must withstand high pressure and heat for long periods of time. 

Servicing of foundry torches is similar to that of standard cutting torches. In order to ensure that the torch is in perfect working condition, we disassemble and clean all internal and external parts of the torch. It is then reassembled with any required replacement parts or repairs. 

If our experienced technicians are unable to complete a repair for any reason, we will contract the repair to one of our trusted and verified third-party contractors to ensure that our customers still receive the repair services they need in a timely manner. Once the repair has been completed, we conduct extensive testing to ensure that the torch has been restored to perfect operating condition.

Foundry Regulator Repair

Foundry regulators control the amount of compressed gas released from the fuel tank into the torch. The amount of gas released depends upon the amount of pressure the operator needs to bring to bear on the metal being cut. A regulator will help the operator determine the amount of gas needed based on the thickness and material properties of the metal.

As with torches, we disassemble, clean, repair, and reassemble foundry regulators, and then subject the equipment to rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure that it is in excellent operating condition.

Quality Assurance Testing

In order to ensure that equipment is in perfect operating condition after repairs and reconditioning, we employ a four-step testing process:

  1. Air Pressure Testing with air under regular pressure.
  2. High Pressure Testing with air under high pressure.
  3. Water Testing through the submersion of the equipment in water, to ensure that there are no leaks.
  4. Fire Testing to ensure that the flame from the cutter is working properly.

All of our testing is conducted in-house by our highly-trained and experienced staff to ensure that our customers receive the best quality repair and reconditioning service in the industry.

Foundry Repair from WERS

At Welding Equipment Repair Service (WERS), we feature high-quality repair and reconditioning services of all makes and models of welding equipment, including foundry equipment.

We can handle repairs for:

  • Compressed gas equipment
  • Flow meters
  • Gas cutting apparatuses
  • Medical regulators
  • TIG and MIG cables
  • Specialty gas regulators
  • Steel industry equipment
  • And any other foundry equipment

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